2007 Trips

and  dates.

Note: the shipping prices will change from the 2006 trips

These dates are now set in stone, we have recived depositson Ataska, the Canyon trip and Reno,   The links to the right will be updated with pictures and road tails as we ride 2006.

     Where.....                                               Dates...........                                         Link........ 

Daytona Bike Week..... Daytona, FL.      1 st weekend of March               Daytona, FL.

Canyon Run 2007......   Phoenix, AZ.       April 28th. to May 6th. 2007     Canyon Run, "Phoenix, AZ"     

Canyon Run 2007......   Phoenix, AZ.       May 12th. to May 20th. 2007    Canyon Run, "Phoenix, AZ"     

Rocky Mountain Ride.  Denver, CO.       June1st. to June10th. 2007        I will update you with info on this area..

Anchorage, Alaska...     Spokane, WA.    June  21th. to  July 1st. 2007     Alaska, "The trip of a lifetime"  

Bike Week Sturgis.....    Sturgis, SD.       Aug 3rd.  to  Aug. 12th. 2007      Sturgis, Bike Week

 California Cost Hwy..   Reno, NV.         Aug. 24th.  to  Sept  2th. 2007    California Cost Hwy. "Reno, NV"

Alaska, truly the trip of a lifetime, I'm really excited about this trip. By clicking on the link to the right of the dates, you can get some info. Or here is some shipping infomation.  

Flying into                             Spokane, WA.

Flying out of                          Anchorage, Alaska            

Riding miles                          2500

Helments required in Washington, Canada and Alaska.

We will ship your bikes to Spokane, WA. From there ride north to Anchorage, Alaska.  Our semi truck will follow with your gear and extra gas. (just in case) If there is any really bad weather we can load the bikes in the trailer.   We will ride about 250 miles a day. remember the day's are long this time of year. Again you can ride on your own or with us, at no extra cost to you. When we get to Anchorage, the bikes will be shipped back by our truck.

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