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The Canyon trip is the most repeated and always fill's up, get your deposits in now for 2012.

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Kanab, & Moab, UT 4 wheelers ride the canyons

Reno, NV. California Coast/ Redwoods June 10 to June 19, 2011

Sturgis, 70th August 5- August 14, 2011

Jackson, WY to Yellowstone, September 9- September 18, 2011

 The 2011 ride was the coldest, wettest, windiest, and snowiest "yes I said snow" of the seventeen years I've been riding the west. Oh, we have seen cold, rain, wind and snow before but not like this year.  There was a low pressure front that remain over us almost the entire trip. However everyone made the best of the trip and will have stories and memories forever.  This year Tony "aka" Brooklyn signed up to ride the trip, when he did Tony ask if he could bring an American  Flag. are you kidding, heck yes. However... I was thinking it would be a small one that fit on his trunk or attached to his sissy bar...  How wrong was I? when he showed to load  his bike, attached was a flag pole flying an American Flag that was three foot by five foot,.. Tony the American Flag both followed us through the wind, rain, sleet and snow she followed us waiving proudly. Ever time we stop for pictures there was someone asking to get a picture with Tony his bike and the American Flag.. One such stop in Zion national Park, there was a bus of Korean tourist that had also stopped,  one lady ask if she could have her picture taken with Tony, before it was over the hole bus had pictures taken with Tony his bike and the American Flag waving proudly in the wind. Below are some pictures from the trip. . Yes of course one of Tony his bike and the American Flag.


The pictures are from our 2011 Canyon trip,

Some of the 2011 Canyon Riders

When the ride starts to far...shipNride


Tony and I in the Arches National Park

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     Canyon Run , Starts in Grand Junction, CO      

                                                         May 18 to May 27, 2012  

                                                            Round trip shipping only $ 875.00


  The Canyon always fill's up early and sold out in 2004 & 2005 & 2006 & 2007  & 2009 & 2010, 2011  so get your deposit in early.

  2012 We are flying into Grand Junction, CO. If you choose to  ride with me, I will follow the route below....

  Your welcome to ride with me, or on your own. We are only responsible for shipping your motorcycle.

Arrive: Friday,   I will ride to Moab after everyone arrives... 105 miles...


First day: Saturday

First day I will stay in Moab, that will give everyone the chance to join us that may have jet lag or

got in late on Friday and did not feel like the ride over to Moab. While in Moab, you can visit Arches National Park | Moab Utah, Canyon Lands National Park (U.S. National Park Service) and Dead Horse Point State Park | Moab Utah . There is also GREAT riding around Moab area.......riding miles that day depends on you..


Second day: Sunday

After spending two nights in Moab, it's off to Hanksville, UT. the ride will take us through Canyon's, cliffs and across anything as pretty as the Painted Desert. then it's across Lake Powell & Colorado on a ferry. We will do lunch on the lake and finish the ride to Hanksville. ........ about..... 210 mile.


Third day: Monday

I have a top five scenic highways list of rides in North America, today you will see and ride one. This is of course in my opinion........ we will ride through badlands, along beside rivers and across mountains, we will also see bryce canyon nat park , Bryan Head, lava rocks, Aspen trees and finish in Springdale with a visit to the Zion Harley Davidson Shop. Springdale, UT. is also at the entry into  Zion Canyon National Park riding that day....... about ......220 miles


Forth day: Tuesday

Today is a long ride, 70 miles... Yep that's it.  Zion Canyon National Park is so beautiful, and with our next stop, Kanab, UT. "Utah Little Hollywood" just up the road and where we will stay the night. Why not take time and enjoy the park, then it's a late lunch with the Buffalo. We will visit movie set's and stay where the movie stars used to stay. There's even a free western movie in the barn where Trigger, Buttermilk and Silver once was stabled. If you wish to join in there will be a cook out in Movie Town and maybe if your lucky get into a movie production....ride about ...70 miles   new we will ride ATV's if you chose to in Hog Canyon..  ask about details.


Fifth day: Wednesday

After a great night in Kanab it's off to Jacob Lake and south to the Grand Canyon National Park - the North Rim . . The north rim is the same as when the Indians saw it for the first time and said "heep m big ditch". no tourist traps. Believed by many including myself as much more scenic than the south rim. After the Grand Canyon it's off to Lees Ferry and a ride along the Vermilion Cliffs to Lee's Ferry Lodge where we will stay the night. This is also one of our most favorite eating and watering holes on the trip. ...ride about......170 miles


Six day: Thursday

After a great breakfast and meeting Charlie, it's off to Monument Valley, John Wayne made most of his western movies here. We'll stay just up the road in Mexican Hat, Utah on the San Juan River.. we'll have dinner at the Swinging Steak.. they have been featured on the food network channel........ ride about.....180 miles


Seventh day: Friday

It's up and at it, and a ride up the The Moki Dugway, Utah. and into Durango, CO. oop's don't forget the Harley shop and lunch. Remember I said there were five most scenic highway's in North America? Your in luck, two are on this trip, get ready for the second one. . U.S. Route 550 Million Dollar Highway will take us into Silverton and Ouray where we will stay the night......ride....about.....240 miles


Eighth day: Saturday

Nearing the end there's still a great ride to top off the trip. we will ride to Gateway Canyon. It's been said by the person that own's the discovery channel this is one of the most beautiful rides in the world. What a way to top off the Canyon Trip. ride about .....180 miles

Ninth day:...Load bikes...



If the pictures don't convince you... talk with anyone that's been on anyone of my ride's.  Or just come along, but don't just plan on one you will be back.