Yellowstone/Jackson, WY






June 19, to June 28, 2015  

  Round trip shipping only $950.00


The motorcycles will be shipped to Jackson, WY.  There, you will meet your bikes at the Kudar Motel, about ten miles from the airport. While on this trip you're welcome to ride with me or on your own.  We are only responsible for shipping your motorcycle.  If you choose to ride with me this will be my route:

Friday                June 19, 2015   check out Jackson - it's a great town visit and within walking distance of the motel. "two blocks"


Saturday            June 20, 2015  ride to Grand Teton National Park and  Yellowstone National Park.  I'm staying at the old_faithful_inn.

                                                   The history and architect here is great and it's only about a hundred yards from the geyser.


Sunday               June 21, 2015  ride to Red Lodge, MT... ride more into the park and one of the best roads in North America. Beartooth Pass 10949


Monday              June 22, 2015  ride back across Beartooth and Chief Joseph Senic Hwy and lunch in Cody.


Tuesday              June 23, 2015  ride the big-horn-mountains


Wednesday         June 24, 2015  ride more of the Big Horn Mountains and to the Little Bighorn Battlefield then back into Sheridan for lunch.


Thursday             June 25, 2015  ride back to Cody for shoot-outs and Buffalo Bill's Museum in Cody, WY.


Friday                 June 26, 2015  ride back into Yellowstone and to West Yellowstone.


Saturday,            June 27, 2015  return to Jackson.


This was my first trip and continues to be a favorite trip to me and many of my past customers. What makes this trip so nice is the variety of riding and scenery.  You can expect to see golden wheat fields, water falls, Yellowstone, Bear's Tooth Pass,  Chief  Joseph Scenic Highway, The Grand Tetons, and an abundance of wildlife.  There are other activities that can be enjoyed as well, like trout fishing in Yellowstone, white water rafting on the snake, or riding ATVs in the Big Horn mountains.  You may wonder about the birds in the pictures, they are Ravens...they got into everyone's windshield bags taking anything from Tums to air held the bag open while his buddy cleaned out the bag. We laughed till we cried!

This is really a great ride, come join me on the next Ride of A Lifetime. The pictures are from different years...enjoy...


Grand Tetons on the way to Jackson
Truck parked at the Kudar Motel
Some of thSSome of the riders at
the cabins in Jackson
She just had to make a stop at a great 
 Mexican restaurant one block from the cabins
TThe famous Cowboy Bar two blocks from the cabins 
across the street from the Cowboy Bar
Some of us decided to go rafting  
  on the Snake River in Jackson
Grand Teton National Park on 
 the road to Yellowstone
Old FatihfullOld Faithful Inn 
 across from Old Faithful



 These are my memories come make your's..  Yellowstone/Jackson, WY.  June 19 to June 28, 2015. Round trip shipping your motorcycle.


                                                                                             Only $950


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